Adventures in Asian Art: An Afternoon at the Museum, Sue Diciccio

Some curious, energetic kids and their mom are going to the museum. Come along for an afternoon of fun and learning! Adventures in Asian Art takes kids on an imaginative tour of Asia through a selection of artworks at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. Wandering from exhibit to exhibit, kids picture themselves in another time and place as they explore textiles, ceramics, statues, armor, and more, and learn a little bit about the cultures, beliefs, and daily life that resulted in these wonderful works of art.

Sue DiCicco, writer and illustrator, is the creator of the Peace Crane Project (, an initiative designed to equip children all around the world with the skills to express themselves creatively and connect them to one another. Many thousands of children from over 150 countries participate each year. Sue has written dozens and illustrated hundreds of books for kids.