Garden Your City, Barbara Hobens Feldt

Garden Your City speaks to anyone who seeks to bring greenery to limited spaces or who wishes to improve a building, street, park, school, or neighborhood. It will inspire and empower the inexperienced gardener who lives on the fourteenth floor of a high rise in Chicago, the expert roof gardener in Seattle, the civic-minded green thumb who envisions red geraniums under the neighborhood street trees, and the yard-less urbanite who dreams of fresh vegetables from a community plot.

Barbara Hobens Feldt learned by doing: she started her first garden on the fire escape of her Hell’s Kitchen apartment. Her efforts, which include planting native species and organizing volunteers, have transformed neglected urban spaces into people-friendly, educational, and beautiful gardens. She is a gifted gardener, an articulate, ardent speaker, and an active member of the nationwide urban gardening community.