You’re Loveable to Me, Kat Yeh and Susan Anderson

After a day of high jinks and high drama, six little bunnies with their ears all adroop wonder how their Mama Bunny could possibly still love them. She gives them an answer that will help little bunnies everywhere sleep just a wee bit easier. A simple message of unconditional love lights up this book and will surely warm the hearts of everyone young and old, who reads it.

Kat Yeh earned a marketing degree at Villanova University and then held several positions as a copywriter in sports marketing and advertising in New York. She is presently a children’s author and continues her education in creative and nonfiction writing at New York University and Columbia University.

Sue Anderson Gioulis completed her art training at Ringling College of Art and Design. She is the illustrator of the children’s book Off We Go, and her drawings, paintings, and graphic designs are displayed in several states on the east coast. Sue is a member of the Manasquan River (New Jersey) Group of Artists.