The Yellow Tutu, Kristen Bramsen and Carin Bramsen

What do you do with a yellow tutu? Plucky and imaginative heroine, Margo, has absolutely no trouble figuring that out when she gets a yellow tutu for her birthday. She puts her tutu on her head and – presto! She’s sunshine! Then Margo wears her tutu on her head to school, and suddenly, all is not sunshine and daffodils. But never fear, Pearl is here! Together, the two new friends have – guess what? – too, too much fun!

Kirsten Bramsen based the story of The Yellow Tutu on her own childhood experience. She is a singer, author, and gardener. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her wonderful park ranger husband, their brilliant six-year-old daughter, a cat, and a turtle.

Carin Bramsen lives in Brooklyn, New York, where she draws, paints, and performs the occasional high kick for the squirrels outside her window. This is her first book.