Margaret Evangeline, Edward Lucie-Smith and Dominique Nahas

American artist Margaret Evangeline uses radically different yet complementary media such as painting, video, and performance to make artworks that are as tactilely seductive as they are conceptually unsettling. Primary sensations reverberate through Evangeline’s processes as her various works connect the dots of an unusually vivid autobiographical narrative. This tale, articulated through a singular yet multi-faceted vision that weaves ruination and renewal, is given its first comprehensive study in this book.

Edward Lucie-Smith was born in 1933 in Kingston, Jamaica. He is generally regarded as the most prolific and the most widely published writer on art.

Dominique Nahas is an independent curator and critic based in Manhattan. A former museum director and curator, Nahas has curated seminal exhibitions, and is currently a faculty member at Pratt Institute where he teaches critical theory.